Friday, November 30, 2012

In sickness and in health

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My sweet Christmas baby.  

We had big plans this weekend. I have been so excited. We had FOUR parties to go to this weekend which is a little nuts but it was all so fun.  We had our Sunday School Christmas party tonight which I SO look forward to and two fun birthday parties tomorrow and Sunday we had a special cookie and Santa party to go to. 

And then last night little Hollis got the stomach bug. And it was BAD. She is much better today but I have a feeling someone else in the family will get it next and I don't want to spread our germs because NO ONE wants the stomach bug so we have had to cancel everything and plan to just stay home in our pj's all weekend.  My parents were even coming to visit today and I had to tell them to stay away because they don't need to get sick. 

Maybe God just wanted me to be STILL. I was a little bummed about all the fun we were going to miss and a friend reminded me that sometimes God MAKES us lay down in green pastures. 
On a happy note - how cute is she and how much has she changed in one short year. 

Both of my girls are so excited about Christmas. The funniest thing ever is that every single time I ask Harper what she wants for Christmas - her answer is always the same.  

A fan.

Not an electric fan. One that folds that you fan yourself with.  Isn't that hilarious. I guess I need to find her a fan. 

One thing I'm SO sad about is Harper is supposed to sing in church with the preschool choir on Sunday morning in Big church.  She even has the cutest Christmas outfit to wear and she knows all her songs.  If none of us get sick - I might chance taking her but I really hate to.
We had practice last night and luckily I took pictures and video since this might be the best we can do. 
Sweet Harper and Kinley.  We were in our chapel practicing and the kids were all being so wild and I looked over and the only two kids sitting and being still were these cute little 3 year old girls.  (Well - almost 4 years).  So precious.

This isn't great video but I thought I'd share. Ignore the fact that for the first few minutes I'm whispering at her to put her dress down. ha ha ha ! On second thought it might be good if she doesn't sing in church. :-)

And two things:

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My friend Dale who is an awesome photographer works with a cool non-profit that is helping kids in Joplin, MO.  They are up for a $1M grant and I would love to help. All you have to do is click this link and vote. Will you help them? Thank you so much!

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