Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun Week

I know my life is usually particularly riveting but I feel like this week it's extraordinarily exciting.  So be prepared to be just glued to this post! ha! 

Actually this week has been a LONG week.  Both my girls have been sick - especially Hollis. She's had a nasty cold that moved into her eyes. I finally got her to the doctor and she's much better today.  But she has been up every 2-3 hours at night and not napping well. So we are all dragging. 

We have stayed home all week and done a lot of this - snuggling in our pj's.  

Hollis missed MDO yesterday and wouldn't nap so I decided we would have a little lunch date at Panera before her doctor appointment.  She was SO good at our lunch! It felt so weird because we were SURROUNDED by business lunches and I just all of the sudden felt so strange.  Every table was discussing work and it was all the work I used to do.  I feel light years away from that world. In same ways I miss it and in most ways I am SO thankful for where I am. 
I laughed when I looked at my phone today. Harper entertained herself by taking pictures of herself and me at the dr's appt yesterday.  She also talked our Doctor's ear off.  She is such a mess. 

I took the girls to get a little holiday hair cut this morning.  They were really good. After wards we met a sweet blog reader, Morgan for lunch and I totally forgot to take a picture because I was preoccupied with the girls. 

Our week has been extra long because Scott has been gone for a week hunting.  We have really missed him.  Right as I was writing this post I heard Dawson bark and I assumed it was Laurie because Harper went over there to play after our lunch and she was bringing her home. When I peeked out the window - I saw a truck pull up and Steve and Scott were home a day early!! What a great surprise. And it worked out perfect because Laurie pulled up next and got the surprise!
We sure our glad our bearded hunters are home! 

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