Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ears and Noses

 Harper had an appointment at Children's Hospital in Little Rock on Friday morning.  The last time we went in May, Harper had a really off day and her attention was really bad and they had tested her hearing and she tested worse than normal.  So Friday they planned to re-test her.  I have been so nervous about our appointment.  Her hearing loss is not a huge deal but it scared me a little to think it could be getting worse.  I know it's not life threatening - but as her momma - it worried me. 

 I had to get the girls up and ready at 5:30 a.m. to make the drive to Little Rock.  My parents met us there to help with Hollis. I was so thankful they could do that. Scott had to work and then was going out of town to hunt for the weekend (his trip was planned before her appointment was planned) so I knew I couldn't handle both girls at a long appointment by myself.  They moved audiology to a new wing at ACH and it's SOOOO nice and SO much better! (It had been practically in a storage closet).

I can not express how much we love Harper's audiologist and how God just completely blessed us with her.  She is amazing.  (and could she be any cuter?) And Harper did SOOOOO good on Friday. I was so proud of her. Her focus was excellent and Dr. Jan was able to give her a really thorough test and her hearing is NOT worse. I was so relieved.

So of course we celebrated with ice cream after lunch! 

My dad went to Nicauraga yesterday on a mission trip so the girls and I went home with my mom after our appointment and spent the weekend since the men were gone.  It was a GORGEOUS fall day and the girls enjoyed playing outside.
I have to laugh - Harper has this thing where she constantly is carrying around a basket or bag or purse full of "treasures".  She will sleep with her little treasure bag and if she gets up in the middle of the night to come to our bed - she brings her treasure bag with her.  She takes it in the car with her and just constantly has it by her side.  The first thing she did at my mom's was find this little basket and fill it with little things including a little Bible.  It was never away from her hands all weekend.
 My parents live in the country and have a beautiful view.  I love to be out there.  
 We were taking pictures and Harper kept striking poses. 
She is almost four and she just is at the most fun age. 
 Hollis is at a hard age but she's so sweet.  She has a terrible cold and just felt so cruddy all weekend.  I feel so bad for her.  She is talking so much more. We were playing outside and she kept saying "Watch me Mommy! Watch me Mommy!"  
 We have had the MOST beautiful and the longest lasting fall that I can remember.  And the funny thing is it is following the hottest, driest summer I can remember.  That doesn't add up. It's not supposed to work that way but I was just thinking that only God can do that. Just like He can provide a beautiful season for each of us after the worst and hardest season of our lives. Everyone said all summer that we would have an ugly fall and there was no hope for anything beautiful. It's so much like that in life - just when things seem hopeless - God gives us the most beautiful gifts! 

Me and my two best gifts! 

 Hollis and I stayed home from church today because she was so puny so mom took Harper to church.  My mom goes to the nursing home every week before Sunday School and plays the piano and Harper went with her.  And then Harper went to "big church" and mom said she was really good! She's growing up!

There she is with her "treasure basket".  

It's a gloomy cold day but we are all back home now. Hope you had a great weekend! 

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