Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

My college roommate and matron of honor and dear friend Kandi brought one of her daughters up here this weekend to see our museum and have a one on one weekend.  They came to visit me and the girls Saturday.  This is her daughter Lowrey. She is 9. And she acts 18. In a good way.  She's SOOO intelligent and mature. She is SOOO much like her mom.

 This is me and Lowrey when she was about 9 months old.  Lowrey was a VERY prayed for baby.  Kandi waited for her for a long time.  And then she got a little sister less than a year later. I adore this family. It was 21 years ago that Kandi and I moved into a tiny dorm room at OBU together. So thankful God put her in my life!

I started a new Bible Study this morning. I'm doing "Duty or Delight" by Tammie Head. I think it will be so good. Have any of you ever done it?  These are my crazy girls when we got home. They take their shoes off in the car. Hollis insisted on wearing some Olympic medal around her neck all last night and today.  In fact I just took it off before she went down for nap and she was SOOO mad.  Maybe she knows something about her future that I don't. ha!

Me and my two children that need to be at my feet or holding onto me at every moment of every day.  I never am more than 2 inches from either one of them.   I'm in a wardrobe quandry - it's 80 degrees and I know I look dumb wearing a sweater and boots - but what else can you wear in late October? I am NOT wearing sandals.  :-)  (The cracked mirror is just a sweet effect, huh?)

Y'all are always asking me where I shop.  One of my VERY VERY VERY favorite places to shop online is ModCloth. Have you ever been on there? They are offering a $20 off your first purchase if you click here.  Just thought I'd pass that on if you are looking for a new fall outfit. :-) 

One of my blog readers who signed up to write Julee letters had a dear friend that died unexpectantly last week.  She is the mom of four boys ages 1-10.  She is trying to organize a card drive to send her husband and boys.  If you would be willing to send a card to encourage a dad - would you please read here for more info:

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