Monday, October 15, 2012

The Long and the Short of it

Okay - two quick things:
1. I have FINALLY sent all the emails about writing Julee. If you wrote me and didn't hear back - will you please just write me one more time? I'm sorry - I think a few fell between the cracks. The response was AMAZING and I'm so excited that this will give her such a lift each day to go to the mailbox!

2.  There is a group putting together a book for Julee and Preslee with stories of Matt. If you knew Matt - will you please send your story or memories of him and/or pictures to:
PO Box 636 Arkadelphia AR 71923

Okay - onto a very fluffy topic. 


This was me last year.  I had just decided I would grow my hair out.  I'm kind of a short hair girl but I have figured out that long hair is actually easier.  Short hair has to be washed and styled every day but long hair - you can go every other day and you can wear ponytails or different styles.  With two little kids - I don't have time to deal with my hair but I want to look nice.  So long hair it is. And I love it! 
I wear my hair straight most days but I like to try and change it up.  I have a curling iron but I just can't work it so after Dot Mom - I consulted some of my friends and hair idols Melanie and Amanda who are both Hot Roller users and decided to go back to my roots from the early 90's and use hot rollers. I bought a set from Wal-Mart for $19.98. And I am IN LOVE! I took this picture a few weeks ago - straight hair, hair straight out of the Miss Texas pageant and how I have been wearing it a lot - curly but pulled half up.

Do you like hot rollers? I feel like we need a few experts to do some vlogs with tips - don't you?

This afternoon I finally had time to take a quick bath so I washed my hair, dried it and hot rolled it but I wasn't loving it so I put it up in a ponytail and then I decided to pin some it back and make a messy bun and I LOVED it.  My hair is thick - so with a few waves from the curlers - it made a great bun.  I think I will never go back to short hair! I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow night - I'm hoping to darken my blond a little.  (you can see my hot rollers in this pic!)

Do you think about your hair as much as I think about mine? ha!

A lot of y'all suggested (and I should have totally just linked to her) but there is a blog that shows amazing hair how to's and she is so cute:

Speaking of hair.  My friend Keely's husband is a musician and he plays with Bebo Norman mostly but lately he has been teaming up with my favorite of all time - DAVID CROWDER.  Keely texted me this morning and said "I'm in a studio watching David Crowder and Bill Gaither record "Because He Lives".  I nearly FELL OUT.  I grew up going to Gaither concerts. (Tell me some of you did too!) I feel like my worlds were colliding.  And then Keely texted and told me "GLORIA JUST WALKED IN!!!!"  I hope Keely realizes how awesome her life is.  Later today David Crowder tweeted this picture.  (Talk about interesting choices in hair. ha!)  Two of my music heros of the faith - they could not be more different but I'm LOVING that they teamed up!


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