Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

My favorite season is fall. I LOVE fall. I love everything about it. 
And my favorite thing is now getting to take my girls to the pumpkin patch!

 The bad thing about the pumpkin patch is finding a day to go as a family.  Every Saturday conflicts with hunting or football or it's raining.  So we finally made it today.  It was a little chilly but we had a great time. 
 Of course what I really wanted was a good picture of my girls in the pumpkin patch.  Well today was the last day of the season so all the pumpkins were gone. And then there is the fact that probably the most frustrating thing in the universe to me and the thing that makes me lose the most patience is trying to get a picture of an 18 month old.  It's impossible.  So this is the best we got. At least she was in the picture. ha! 

Here are my pumpkins last year - they have grown and changed so much. 

 Once we got past trying to take a picture - we had a really fun time.  The girls loved it! I knew they would.  The place we go is called Farmland Adventures and it's out on a big farm.  They have a huge petting zoo and pony rides and a big corn maze and wagon rides along with pumpkins.  I love it!
 Harper's favorite thing is the pony rides. If it hadn't been so cold - we would have let her ride a zillion times. 
 Hollis rode once and that was all she wanted. 

 I love this picture of my girls and their daddy
 We went on a really fun wagon ride and got to feed chickens and cows. The girls LOVED it. 
It was my favorite part of the day. 
 If you can't tell - Harper is SUCH a daddy's girl.  
I love this picture of them. 
 Harper even rode all by herself. 
I think the look on her face says it all about how much fun we had today.

I say this every year but I truly mean it.  Every fall when I was single or especially before we had kids - I would be so sad because I dreamed so much of the day I could go to a pumpkin patch with my "family" and take my kids and put them in orange clothes.  It was one of my main dreams as I waited for a family.  I was always sad seeing pictures of families doing that together because I wanted it to be me.  I just want you to know ........ if you are still waiting - your pumpkin patch days are coming. 
Don't give up the dream of your pumpkin patch! 

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