Sunday, October 07, 2012

Please Pray

I was planning to write a little post today about our weekend but my heart is so heavy today and I just can't write about that.

I found out this morning right before we left for church that my sweet friend Julee who you have seen on here a lot before lost her husband in a car wreck last night. I'm so sad for her I feel like I can't move.

Julee is one the most beautiful people I know - inside and out.  She has infectious smile that just makes you feel so at home.  She is just one of my favorite people and I have been blessed to know her for almost four years.  This is her little girl Preslee who is almost a year old.

Last night her husband Matt was killed in a car wreck.  Matt was the anchor of the news station here and just recently they moved to Little Rock where he was the anchor of a news station there.  Matt and Julee both went to OBU and Matt played football there.  He was always my very favorite person during razorback games because his twitter commentary cracked me up.

I know their families are devastated and I can't begin to comprehend how Julee feels.  I just know she can use your prayers. Will you PLEASE lift her up?

Here is the news story and more about Matt.


I want to add that some blog/twitter friends of Julee have set up an account to send Julee flowers and mostly for a college fund for Preslee. If you would like to contribute - here is the info:

A few blog friends are putting together a silent auction for her as well - read more here:

And a sweet twitter friend Brittany had a good idea of how we could maybe encourage Julee in the weeks and months to come - if you would like to help me with that - will you email me at kellyskornerblog(at)  Just put Julee in the subject and I'll send you details.
(What I'm doing is I'm going to assign you a day to send Julee encouraging mail - hoping we can get her mail every day from next week for a year!!! We can do this! You will hear back from me later this week!) PLEASE EMAIL AND DON'T PUT IT IN COMMENTS SO I CAN KEEP UP BETTER!!!! Thank you!!!!
Thank you for your prayers.  I heard from Julee tonight and she is SO thankful to be prayed over by so many. Please continue.

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