Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 We have seriously had one of the most fun days! Harper had a "fall Party" at her school this morning and I went and helped.  They had all kinds of game stations set up and the kids rotated through.
 I manned the "find the toys in the corn" station.  It was a lot of fun!
 My little pumpkin had a great time!
 The girls got a ton of mail today - lots of fun cards from their grandparents and great aunt! 
 The girls were Bumblebees this year.  I loved these costumes - so cute! 

I should probably just go ahead and give a disclosure that we do celebrate Halloween - we love it for a fun family holiday and it's fun to dress the kids up cute and get candy! I just love that it's a fun family activity and the kids have so much fun.  We don't do scary costumes or Halloween decorations or ouiji boards or worship witches.  
 Our plan was to go over to Laurie and Steve's and take pictures and see the girls and then go to our church's fall festival and then end up at our neighborhood to trick or treat.  Our church this year had mini festivals set up in two different neighborhoods. This was planned as an outreach to the community.  We ended up deciding to just stay at Laurie's house and trick or treat their neighborhood with them. 
 Our family - the little bees, the Queen Bee and our Bee Keeper. 

(I LOVE having a family theme. Not sure how long I can keep this up - but it's my favorite thing!)

In full disclosure - I only got this outfit on Scott for a few pictures.  He took it off to walk the neighborhood.  But at least it made for a fun picture! :-) 
 I kept saying "I think this might be the best night of Harper's life".  She had SOO much fun.  She was the first to run up to every door.  She kept saying "I LOVE candy!!!!" 
 We had so much fun with our friends.  I think we may have a new tradition together.  They live in a fun neighborhood and everyone was outside and it was just a great time!
 Sweet Emily stayed with me and Hollis.  We took up the rear most of the night but Hollis wanted to walk.  She did SO good!!! She didn't have one meltdown. She walked the entire time and would go up to every door and say "trick or treat" and always said "Thank you!" 
 I would say "Hollis are you having fun??" and she would say "YEAH!!!"
 It's no secret that Harper thinks Laurie is the best thing in the world and she insisted on holding her hand the whole night.  
 I LOVE these girls!!!
 What a BEE-autiful little baby I have!
This was a lot of pictures but I wanted to remember our fun night and let the grandparents see! 

Now I have to go hide all that candy! (and maybe eat a little!) 

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