Monday, September 17, 2012

18 months

I can hardly believe it! You are 18 months old as of yesterday!!! You are halfway to two now! Your little life is going by so quickly! 

You weigh 28 lbs. 
You wear mostly size 18 months but are moving into 2T.
You wear a size 6 shoe.
You wear a size 5 diaper.

You are starting to be such a big girl and not a baby anymore.  You want to do EVERYTHING your sister does and that makes you seem so much bigger.  You no longer want me to carry you into church anymore.  You will say "walk! walk! walk!" until I put you down so you can walk in on your own.  

You ADORE Harper and think she is just the greatest. You laugh at everything she does.  Y'all DO fight a lot but you are also so sweet. You will hug and kiss each other and it just melts my heart.  And Harper looks out for you.  She is always asking if you are okay "sweetie?" and runs into your rooms at church to get you a toy to play with and make sure you are okay to be left.  She wipes your hands and helps you eat.  She loves you so much too!

 Your papa told me this weekend that he thought Harper had such a funny personality but he was starting to think you might be the real character.  And he's right.  You are a funny, funny little girl.  I always smile when I think about you because you just make me laugh.  You are also so sweet and such a loving little girl.  You always want to hug and kiss.  You like to be right with me - either me holding you or you hanging on my leg at all times.

You are also SUPER busy. Oh my goodness - I can't turn my back for one second or you are into something.  You are fast and curious and mischievous! And so smart!

You are very attached to holding a baby or a blanket most of the time - especially at bed. You will cry for "bobbit" which means blanket.  When we are in the car  and there is music on - you always wave your ams to the music. It cracks me up.

You still get up at least once at night but I kind of like our time together.  You are always in a good mood in the middle of the night and we laugh a lot.  And you are pretty good to sleep until after 7 (which your sister never did) so I can live with it! You are also a great napper.  You have never refused a nap.  Harper was never so consistent. 

You are also a great eater and will eat pretty much anything.  

Your vocabulary has really taken off. I have tried to keep a list of everything you say but the list got too long.  At least 50 words probably.  It blows me away.  I feel like you throw less fits because I'm able to understand you. 

You have the curliest hair and it seems to keep getting curlier or as I call it "fro-licious".  I LOVE it!!!! I could just eat those curls up with a spoon and I will be so sad if they go away.  

Hollis you have completed our family in a way we could have never imagined.  You are such a blessing to your daddy and me.  We love you so much.  I know soon you will be 18 instead of 18 months and I will wonder where the time went.  I hope you always know that you were loved and adored and prayed for every day!

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