Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kansas City - Here we come!

Since Scott is off for a couple of weeks - we decided to take a little family vacation somewhere close to home.  We decided on Kansas City - it's only 3 hours from here and there is a lot to do with kids. 

 We left Sunday after church and drove up.  Kansas City has the nicest shopping/restaurant area called the plaza. I have been before but it's been a long time. I would LOVE to go back sometime without kids and shop and eat! It is so nice. We stayed right in the area and decided to walk up the road and eat at Cheesecake Factory. We never eat out because the girls are just too wild (I could do a post on this) but we did Sunday night and I'm pretty sure it shaved at least 7 years off both of our lives. Harper has reached an age where she is great to take out but Hollis had me sweating like a maniac.  You can tell in this picture she is ready to get up to mischief.

At least it was nice weather for August after this HOT summer we have had so we enjoyed the walk!

 And what did we find but a Razorback in KC? Everyone is a hog fan! :-)
Monday morning we were up bright and early and we stopped for some "pink" donuts to start our day off right!

 Our stop for the day was the zoo.  We don't live near a zoo so my girls have never been. Harper was SOOOO excited to "see the animals".
 Her VERY favorite part of the day was riding the train. She loved it. 
 Hollis loved this little monkey.   That is a pair of monkeys in that picture. 
 All Harper could talk about was "riding a giraffe".  I don't know where she got that idea but we compromised and rode a camel instead. 
 She did get to ride a giraffe on the carousel. This was her second favorite thing. Hollis loved it too!
 The closest we may ever get to Africa. 
 You may not be able to tell but both girls were passed out at this point. 
 All in all it was really fun.  It was great weather and the girls had a great time. We stayed for most of the day and enjoyed an expensive and yucky lunch. ha!
 This sweet picture is my favorite part of the day!
 I LOVED this polar bear. He just kept doing constant backflips - it was so neat. 

We went back to the hotel and swam and honestly the girls loved that more than anything. We were all so tired by then and the last thing we wanted to do was get ready and go to a restaurant so we just got some food and ate in the room in our pj's and went to bed early.  
 This morning we headed to the Crowne Center. Can you see the girls expressions - this is how they were all weekend. A little wired and a lot wound up.  Scott and I are so tired but so happy they had so much fun.
 We ate breakfast and then headed to the new Aquarium.  The Aquarium was really neat but I think it was WAY too expensive AND we walked in with a HUGE BUS of preschool kids so there were like 40 screaming 3 year olds every where we went.
 But the girls really liked it. We couldn't take in the stroller so Hollis walked the whole thing and I think she felt like such a big girl. She really enjoyed it. 
 Looking at fish

 We went to a dinosaur exhibit at the Crowne Center. It was set up for kids and was very interactive. My girls LOVED it. They played and played.

 Me and my big girl and our "big friend".  Hollis didn't want in the picture. 
 Our only family picture - not great- but what are you going to do? 
 We ate lunch at Fritz's - a little train themed restaurant where the train brings you food. Hollis LOVED it and she was SO good. 
 My engineers. 
After a quick stop for a candy treat - we headed home. Hollis was asleep before we got out of town.

I'm so glad we could get out of town and do something new together. Kansas City has a lot to offer - they also have worlds of fun and all kinds of great restaurants. We normally look forward to good food on trips but this trip was more about what the girls would enjoy which included cheeseburgers instead. Vacations with two little ones is not relaxing. It's more like "working off site".  I'm pretty sure we are all worn out and going to bed early tonight. But I loved watching my girls experience new things.  They are such a joy to me and I love their little personalities. They keep me on my toes!

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