Sunday, August 19, 2012


 We have had a nice weekend! Nonny and Papa came for a visit! The girls were SO excited!
 The girls (especially Harper) get so wound up and act SO crazy when their grandparents are around.  Do yours?

I love catching them actually being sweet together

With grandparents in for a visit - Scott and I got to have a date!!! We enjoyed a night out and we were also celebrating! Scott got a new job! It's a huge blessing! The biggest blessing is he has a little over 2 weeks off in between jobs! Whoo hoo!!! I laugh because so many of you have asked me if Scott still works at home and I never think to really write about it but he actually hasn't worked at home since January.  His job he just left grew and got an office at the first of the year so he has been working there. We loved having him at home but honestly - it was better when he could go to an office. Trying to keep a one year and a three old quiet was CRAZY.  Plus I spent all day long trying to keep Harper away from her daddy.  It was almost twice the work.  But we try to take him lunch or a Sonic drink at least once a week to see Daddy and take him a treat which is fun.  I am so proud of him because he has had several jobs since we have been married and he really hasn't interviewed for any of them. It's always someone he has worked with or for before that recruits him back.  That says a lot about him to me!

Today was promotion Sunday. I can hardly believe my Harper is big enough for Children's Church this year. She is out of the nursery. And Hollis is in the one year old room!

We had nursery duty today and were in Hollis' room. It's fun to me to watch her interact with other kids.

And today I started teaching 3 yr olds with my friend Kacy. It's going to be a fun year! It was so good because I was able to realize that Harper is a totally normal 3 yr old and her attention span is the same (or better) as other kids. I'm less anxious about preschool now.

And that's what's been happening around here.

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