Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

We are having kind of an off week. Hollis has been real fussy and pitiful and running a fever. We went to the doctor yesterday (after she was up almost every hour the night before) and it looks like she has strep. Bless her heart. It's been a tough week.  Thankfully this is a week that we had absolutely NOTHING planned before we plunge into fall craziness. Starting next week - we will be going constantly so this week we are just hanging out in PJ's and it's a good week to be sick (if ever there was a good week). 

The only thing we had planned this week is Harper's first trip to the dentist! There is a great pediatric dentist in our area and I was excited to take Harper.  They stay full all the time so I just took the appointment they gave me and it was at SEVEN this morning??? Who knew a dentist would even be open that early? It was a little tough getting us ready and there that early.  But it worked out for Scott to keep Hollis home and he didn't have to miss work.
 I was proud of Harper - she did really good. She got to watch a movie while they worked on her! 
 They cleaned her teeth and she was a good patient. She got a good report! Thankfully she loves to brush her teeth and has always been diligent about it. And apparently the paci didn't really affect her! :-)  
Harper and Dr. Fourmy.  Dr. Fourmy reads my blog and knew Harper! (and apparently a bunch of you know her! ha! Small world!) I'm sure it was interesting to meet her in person. Harper was being pretty shy.  I'm so glad for a great first experience!

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