Thursday, July 26, 2012

Packing up the Dreams God planted.........

There is a group of women in our church who are all great friends. They mostly all have empty nests now but they have all been at the church since their kids were small. I'm always a little jealous because they all go to lunch after Bible Study and don't have babies to juggle and can eat anywhere they want not just somewhere with a playground.  They are all wise Godly women and I love that they have known each other through young motherhood to grown children.  I always envision my little circle of friends being the same way.  I always hope we will all go to children's camp and youth camp as chaperones with our kids as they grow and on graduation Sunday we will flash up pictures of our kids through the years.

And then sadly - things change and friends have to move on.  I hate it.

We had a girls night tonight at TCBY just to get together and to celebrate our friend Amber who is moving next week.  This is the second friend who has moved in the last few months and I just hate saying goodbye.
My friends will hate me for this but they are so funny and wanted to pose silly. I love these girls!

But just like the circle of life - we had two new girls join us tonight. If we didn't scare them off (and there is a good chance of that) - maybe they will come back to our group.  I think back to all the friends I have had throughout my life. So many were just for a season. I want everyone to be my lifelong friend but I think some people are just supposed to be in your life for a reason at a certain time.
Then I have friends like Laurie who have been my friends for 20 plus years and I know that I will be eating at Luby's for the senior special when we are 78.

I just want to break out into a chorus of "Friends are Friends Forever" right now. I also need a written form from each of my friends promising that they will not move anytime soon.

Amber - I will miss you sooooooooooooooo much! Thank goodness for Facebook and texting - I won't let you forget me yet! :-)

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