Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beach Reach 2012

We left on a jet plane several days ago and have been at the beach and it's been so fun! We come home tomorrow.  We came with our best friends and their girls.  My parents suggested they keep Hollis and that has worked out the best for everyone. Hollis has had an AMAZING time with my parents. She has slept through the night even and taken 4 hour naps. ha! She has been so happy to have one on one time with them and Harper has had MUCH needed time alone with us. My parents and Hollis are at our house waiting for us to come home. I can't wait to see them!
I'll do a bigger post with lots of pictures later but I thought I would share just a few pics I took with my phone along the trip.  I've been taking a semi break from the computer too and it's been kind of nice. We flew down so it would be a quicker trip.  Harper had flown when she was a baby a few times but this was her first trip she really knew about. She did great! She was so excited.

We have had so much fun being with Laurie and Steve. Harper has just been BESIDE HERSELF to be with Emily and Sarah Kate. These girls just love each other so much. The amount of giggling in our condo has been off the charts. I love it.

I LOVE seafood but I really only like to eat it at the beach. So I have been eating shrimp at every meal. My favorite place to eat in Gulf Shores is Louisiana Lagniappe and we ate there twice. It is SO good!

We have loved the beach but the girls favorite place was the pool. We spent a few hours there every day and they pretended the entire time that they were mermaids. Girls are fun.

We usually have come to Gulf Shores in the past in either early May or September to avoid the crowds but because of school we came in July.  So to solve waiting in line......we went to dinner at 4:30 every night. ha! Yes - they can take our AARP cards but there was no way we were going to wait an hour with 3 little girls.

Harper on a Gator Ride.  One thing I love about Gulf Shores is that every where you look - it's like the SEC media days. All the tents on the beach are either Georgia or Bama or Ole Miss or some school. Everyone wears their SEC hats and shirts and all the stores sell SEC products. It's fun to see fellow Razorback fans or "mess" with Auburn fans. 

I have absolutely LOVED having this time with Harper. She has had the time of her life. She LOVES the ocean and the sand and everything about the beach.  It's been a really great week for us. I needed some time with her when I didn't have to constantly be disciplining her or telling her to share with her sister.  It's been a good break!
We took the girls to a little "amusement park" two nights and they rode the kiddie rides. Harper LOVED it so much. She is so funny - she is not scared of anything.

I'm looking forward to many many many more beach trips with both of my girls and hopefully Laurie and Steve and their girls also. I can see us in 10 years coming with our teenage daughters.  I'm always thankful for a little time away with the ones I love.

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