Friday, June 22, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Show us Your Dining Rooms

This week is all about dining rooms. Probably the least used room in most houses but still nice to have when you need it. (Also easier to keep nice since you don't use it as much). 

This is my dining room looking in from the living room
And looking from the foyer
I got this floral arrangement at a local store (Signed, sealed, and Delivered) when we moved in and I still really like it
We got our dining room table from my in-laws as a wedding present. I really like it and how it's a little different. A few years ago I sought out to get two more chairs but never could find the pattern. My plan eventually is to get two parson chairs to go at the two heads with red or chocolate brown monogrammed slipcovers. Or I may possibly cover all 6 chairs with a new fabric. We very rarely use this table but 6 chairs would be goood for when we do.
I framed the grid of botanical plants a few years ago and recently changed them out with brighter flowers. I got the set off of ebay.

I love to throw dinner parties but I haven't in over a year or two. It just is stressful with young children (to me anyway) So It will probably be a good 3-4 years before I pick back up on throwing dinner parties. Dining rooms are one of those rooms that seem like wasted space but are nice to have them when you need them. I remember how much I loved eating Christmas/Thanksgiving dinners in the "formal" dining rooms at both of my grandparents houses growing up. It always seemed like such an event! I think that's where I learned to love to entertain, cook, (and eat!) My grandmothers and my mother were and are all wonderful hostesses and cooks.

So - let's see those dining rooms!!!!!

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