Monday, June 04, 2012

Down South

 Last Tuesday after her appointment at ACH, Harper went home with her grandparents for a few days.  Scott, Hollis and I left Thursday night and went to spend the weekend and bring her home.  We had a great visit. The weather was amazing while we were there and we spent a lot of time outdoors. Scott's parents live in the country so it's nice for the girls to be able to run around.
 The girls have an older cousin who lives down the road from Scott's parents and she loaned us this tractor to play on.  The girls were OBSESSED. Harper loved it but I think Hollis loved it just as much.
 We even had some sister hugs 
 Scott spent most of the time we were there at their farm/deer camp with his dad working and getting things cleaned up there. So Scott's mom and I and the girls enjoyed some quiet time and we did a little shopping in town.  Harper had SO much fun staying with Gigi and Pap-pa.
 Friday night Scott's dad got us crawfish for dinner. YUM! They have a little place in town called the "Crawfish place".  These were extra spicy. Harper was reunited with her crawfish friends (only they weren't alive this time).  She is so funny - she prayed and thanked God for all of our family and then said "Thank you God for crawfish. Amen."
 If you aren't from the south - you might think gross - but it is REALLY good! 
 These desserts did NOT help my bathing suit woes.
 I tried so hard to get a picture of the girls together and it was mission impossible. Hollis would NOT be still or look at me.  Hollis is SO busy right now. She is so funny because she has been really imitating things Harper says. And then she laughs and laughs. 
 Thankfully Harper will almost pose these days.  I could just eat this little girl up - I love her at this age. 
 Sweet thing
It was hot so we got out the sprinklers. Who needs a swim suit - we just played in our clothes. So fun!

We love getting to visit grandparents. If the trip wasn't 6.5 hours and Hollis didn't scream about 5 of those hours - we would go more often.  :-)

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