Friday, June 15, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

**** Scroll down to see bedrooms and tour. I just had to get this posted!

If you have read my blog much - you know the story of my friend Caroline.  She emailed me probably 5 or 6 years ago and we became friends.  Last summer she felt like God told her to quit her job in Texas and move to NWA. She did and literally the week she moved she met a guy and last night that guy became her husband! Yes - she got married on a Thursday night - the place she got married is very popular and it's easier to get it on a odd day and it was actually a fun time for a wedding!

My friend Melissa and I before the wedding!
Sweet Leslie drove all the way from Texas for the wedding. Her blog is private but she has such an adorable family and she is the nicest person. She and Caroline have become good friends and I thought it was so sweet for her to travel up here for the big day!
Scott and I had a babysitter (it was the first time we have had one at night who had to put the girls to bed and she did amazing!) so it was a fun date night for us! 
Love this engagement portrait
The sign in table

Pratt Place Barn is a popular place in our area to get married.  The wedding was outside and the reception was inside. 
Caroline's dad was just diagnosed with a serious skin cancer and underwent an all day surgery a few weeks ago on his head. Thankfully it went well and he could walk her down the aisle. Right before they came down - they played a song he wrote and sung about Caroline. It was so sweet.
Exchanging vows
They came down to "Celebrate Good times".  If you know Caroline - she is a VERY outgoing & colorful person and she was SO that same person in her wedding. So funny! 

It was HOT HOT but a pretty wedding! 
A whole bunch of us "blog" friends.  We all became friends through our blog and even though "we met on the internet" it's such a blessing! 
Laura, Leslie, Meredith, Julee, Jennifer, Melissa, Hillary, Joy, Jill, Jenna, me, Faith and Laurie with Caroline

And a fun one! (Jennifer Francis and Laurie make me laugh so hard in this one)
Caroliine had a close friend who was going to marry them and because of health reasons he couldn't do it so my dad ended up marrying them.  He was so honored and I think he did a great job! What a joy!
Me and the beautiful bride! She was GORGEOUS! And SO SO SO happy! 
Waiting on God's best is ALWAYS worth it!
Instead of a wedding cake - she just had a bunch of different cakes from Rick's Bakery. She said the Red Velvet was special for me. ha ha ha ha! 
The reception was so pretty
Me and two of my very favorites
First dance
They had BBQ for dinner - and of course this cake. Hands down - best meal I've ever had at a wedding.
It was so great to see Faith and Chad.  Talk about a lot of answered prayers - both Caroline and this sweet couple. I have prayed for them for probably 5 or 6 years that they would have a baby. So many have been praying. And now they are expecting TWINS!!! God is SO good. 
Two of my very best friends - we were in each other's weddings! Love these 2 girls more than words can say!

Me, Faith and Jenna. Love these girls! Now we just need to find a man for the pretty girl in the blue dress on my right. I'm ready to travel to GA for her wedding! Know any single guys?????

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
Hebrews 10:23

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