Sunday, June 17, 2012

15 Months Old

Hollis - yesterday you turned 15 months! Wow! 

I'm not sure what you weigh but you wear 18 months clothes and a size 4 shoe. You wear a size 5 diaper.

You are a great eater and will pretty much eat anything. You still love vegetables but you like pizza too. You love everything from hummus to raspberries. You are a big lover of all fruit. 

 Check out those curls!!!

You are a busy, busy, busy girl! You are running all around the house and I have a hard time keeping up. You are in the into everything stage. We have had to re-baby proof the house. Your favorite thing of course is getting into anything possible you shouldn't. 

I feel like your vocabulary has just started taking off in the last week. You are saying several new things suddenly.  You say "momma, dada, sister, Dawson, mine (I'm fairly certain you learned that from Harper), No NO! (which you hear from me approximately 3267 times a day), shoes, juice and uh-oh." I feel like there are a few more things you have said that I've forgotten.

You are sleeping a little better these days - only getting up maybe once at night. And most days you will still take two good naps. I hope that lasts a little longer!

You have a pretty funny personality of your own! You smile so big all the time with that big dimple of yours and you make us laugh a lot. You just started MDO and you have done SOOO well. Better than I dreamed you would do.  You have always been very easy going about going to church or a nursery which is a huge relief. I think you just love to play and be around other kids.

Harper and Hollis around the same age in the same outfit. This is hands down my favorite outfit y'all have ever worn. I just love the color and think it's so precious. And I adore those little chubby legs that have come out of it both times! I have two sweet kissable babies!
Harper and Hollis both at 15 months in the same sweet adorable dress. People tell me so often that they think y'all look alike and I don't think you do at all.  You can see in these pictures that y'all have your own looks. You have similar noses and cheeks but you are both beauties in your own ways. You also have your own personalities and I'm loving watching those develop.

You are growing so fast my sweet baby girl! I love you so much!

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