Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My day at Moss Mountain

 I had the most amazing opportunity yesterday! I got invited with a group of bloggers to spend the day with P. Allen Smith at his house.
 In case you don't know who he is - Allen is like a male Martha Stewart without the jail time.  He's a master gardener and decorator. He has 4-6 TV shows on PBS and is often featured on the Today show and Southern Living.  He could live anywhere but he chooses to stay home in Arkansas and he has built this AMAZING home and garden just south of Little Rock.
 I took a million pictures and I'm going to post a ton of his house and garden because if most of you are nosy like me - you will enjoy seeing them.  Why do my potted plants not look like this?
 I love his porch with the blue ceiling and the coral furniture.  He built his house about 4 years ago but it's built to look old in the greek revival style.
 His living room (filled with bloggers).
 I love his round table with all the books. 

 Another living room
 There were fresh flowers everywhere - I love how pink his hydrangeas are. 
 I LOVE these side tables
 The entrance
 Loved the trio of bowls with green apples
 The best part of his house were this huge screened in porch - the view is amazing and it's so cool with fans. I could sit and read for hours. 
 Hello beautiful kitchen
 I need this sleeping porch. It's screened in also above the other screened in porch. I think Hollis would sleep through the night if she could sleep here. 
 The view off of the porches. You can see the Arkansas river in the distance.
 Another round table stacked with books

 The master bedroom
 Master bath
 Some of the gardens behind the house. The flowers were just amazing. 

 This is an art studio. It was so neat. I need a little back house! :-)
 This is a summer kitchen. 
 The bloggers and Allen - we had special t-shirts. He has this 300 year old Oak tree in his front yard. I loved it. 
 This is a barn. Have you ever seen a barn look like this? I loved it. Allen painted all the pictures on the wall.
 These are some of the bloggers from NWA that were there - the rest were from all over the state : Lela, Amy and Lyndi. Oh and me! 
 His art studio
 He just built an amazing rose garden. 
 Another bedroom
 I held a rooster. 
Um - I held a ROOSTER!
THE blackest thumb in Arkansas and the greenest thumb. 

Wasn't it fun to tour his home???? I hope you enjoyed it as much as me! Tomorrow I'm going to write more about what we did!! Stay tuned! 

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