Monday, May 14, 2012

More Harper-isms

I thought I would write down a few funny things Harper is saying right now - just so I can remember.

Harper is SUPER infatuated with all Disney princesses. She has a ton of little dolls and movies and loves to name them all off. Her new favorite is that little Indian princess......."Pocha-hungry". 

Something that she has started saying that I absolutely love is if I show her something for her - an outfit or a popsicle or just anything - she will clap her hands and say " Is that for me???" and then she will say "Oh I love it!"  It's just the sweetest thing.

(picture by my friend Bethany)

When Harper is somewhere in the house and Scott or I walk in - she will look up and say "Whatcha doing here in my room, huh?" The way she says it makes us laugh and laugh and laugh. 

Scott has one of his high school jerseys framed along with this picture from his sophomore year of football.  Harper loves to look at it - she thinks he played for the razorbacks. The other day she was staring at it and she started saying "Oh - Daddy's leg is STUCK. Daddy is mad - he wants to get out! He needs some help!"  Scott and I were dying laughing. It really does look like his leg is stuck in the ground. Kids are so literal - it's so funny!

Every time I cough or sneeze - Harper will run over and pat me and say "Oh - are you okay? Are you alright?"

Harper also thinks all birthdays and holidays are for her. She did not get Mother's day. She made me a little keychain at school and it was all wrapped up like a present but she wouldn't give it to me. She kept saying it was HER present. She likes to watch the Sprout channel and every night they do a little birthday segment and EVERY night when they sing Happy Birthday she will look up and say "Is that for me?"  And when they read letters to kids signed by "Mommy and Daddy" - she says "Mommy? Daddy?" and looks at us with a funny look on her face. She thinks we wrote all the letters because of course we are the only mommy and daddy in the world.

And I have COMPLETELY spoiled her because when I go to Sonic I often get her a slush or an ice cream or a juice. And now anytime I go through for a diet coke - she will say as we pull off - "Hey! What about me?" ha ha ha!

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