Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The last few days

 My parents came and spent part of the day with us yesterday.  We had a great time. The girls love to be around their grandparents.
 I have a weakness for red,white and blue clothes for the girls. I love America. They will be sporting this on the 4th of July too. And really - lots of the summer. Love.
We went and ate lunch at one of my favorite places in town - the Flying Fish. It was so good. The girls were exceptionally good for once and ate so much food. Hollis got her first taste of hushpuppies (which the Flying Fish has the best I've ever had) and she is her mother's daughter because she was smiling and "mmm'ing" with every bite. Oh yes girl - they are GOOD!  We ignored the fact that it was 90 degrees (in May - yikes summer) and walked a few miles to the museum, took a quick tour and walked back. We were all sweaty but it was fun.
Harper had an appointment at Children's today so I had to get up at 4:30 and get us out of the house at the crack of dawn.  It's been a long day but worth it for her to see her doctor there.  She was re-tested for her hearing.  We are just keeping an eye on it that it doesn't get worse.  (Seven hours in the car with Hollis should win me a medal. Whoo boo. She does NOT like the car).
I was SOOOOO thankful because my in-laws were gracious to come and meet me and keep Hollis in the waiting room with them for the 2 hour appointment. I don't know what I would have done without them. We went to lunch afterwards and then they took Harper home with them to spend a few days. She was SOOOO excited. She could barely do her hearing tests because she couldn't wait to go to "Gigi's House".
One of my twitter/blogger friends was in town to visit her in-laws so we met up for a few minutes to meet in person.  Our girls had fun playing. It was nice to meet Rikki. She was very sweet. I went to college with her husband - we had a lot of classes together so it's a small world.

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