Sunday, May 20, 2012

I need time to slow down

 We had a busy but fun weekend! Saturday morning we got up and made a family trip to Wal-Mart. You can count on that to be a great time. (ha!) Then we headed to the splash park.  Unfortunately the water wasn't working - they said it would be fixed in 15 minutes so we took a 30 minute walk and came back and it was still broke.  Oh well.  We came home and had lunch and naps.
 Last night I took the girls to a birthday party for our friend Grayson who was turning two! It was at a jump place. We go to a lot of parties there and it's been been fun watching Harper's progression. She used to be scared to death and wouldn't do anything and last night she was running all over the place racing down slides and having the time of her life!
 Hollis found this car and spent the majority of the party in it. She had the best time. 
I was a little worn out chasing two very busy girls.
Crystal, Tiffany, Ashley, Melissa and Me
 Grayson LOVES tractors and his mom gave him the cutest tractor party.
 The cute birthday boy enjoying his pizza
 Isn't this the cutest cake?
 I'm so smart putting my girls in white outfits for a party - it's hard to see but they were covered in pizza and green frosting. ha! Harper also was drenched in sweat from playing so hard.
SIGNS of a great party!
Today was senior day at church. I love senior day but I cry the entire service because it makes me realize how quickly my girls will go from this to graduating from high school. They show little videos of the seniors when they were 2 or 3 and I know those parents are all thinking it seems like yesterday they were this age. I couldn't wait to get them from the nursery and hug them tight.
And then some of the parents that had worked in Harper's room told me how she loved to help lead the singing in class and knew every song and that just made my heart so happy. And Hollis moved out of the baby room today and into the toddler room.

It's happening. They are growing up. And I feel like just YESTERDAY I was that graduating senior with my whole life ahead of me and now I'm almost middle aged. I feel so exhausted from chasing two girls all day but I know I will ache for those little bodies in my arms when they are 15. Time is passing to quickly.

I need a pause button!

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