Wednesday, May 16, 2012

14 months

Hollis - today you are 14 months! 

You weigh 26 pounds
You wear a size 18 months clothes
You wear a size 3 shoe
I just bought size 5 diapers for you today because I think you are ready to move up!

You are a full time walker now and you move fast! 
You want to be wherever your sister is. 

I love when we go to pick up Harper from school because you smile SO BIG! You just adore her. 

You are the worst sleeper on the planet - still get up every 2 hours most nights. You do take pretty good naps. I think you just have too much to do to sleep! :-)

You are a great eater. Your favorite things are avocado, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, spinach and artichoke hummus (you LOVE that) and you have a big sweet tooth. You get so excited if I ever let you have anything sweet. 

You say "momma", "dada", "bye bye", "uh oh" and "ball".  

You are into everything. I have to fix all our childproof locks because you are into every cabinet, pantry and drawer right now. 

You HATE being in the car. This is not a great thing because we are in the car a lot. I recently put in a DVD player and it's helping some. I hope you grow to like riding! 

You love to play outside. 

You really are so sweet. We just adore you.  You have a very feisty side and we laugh because we know it's only a matter of time before you start bullying Harper. We can see it in your eyes. ha! 

My favorite things is when you give me a kiss or when you give Harper a kiss. It melts me. I also love the rare moments when you will bury your head in my neck and let me cuddle you. You are not a big cuddlier. You don't like to be rocked or held or sung to. 

I adore every thing about you and I'm so thankful you completed our family. I love watching you grow and change and discover new things. 

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