Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Open my eyes (a totally shallow post about makeup)

**** I wrote the below post yesterday to post today.  And I think maybe vanity caught up with me. I wound up in the ER at 4 this morning with a staph infection on my face. One side of my face is Super swollen - I look like an ape. It started with something in my nose yesterday afternoon and grew really fast. If I hadn't gone to the dr when I did I would probably be in the hospital.  I would show y'all a picture of me but I'm too vain. ha! I just think it's funny that I wrote the post below and now I look like some kind of crazy person today.*****

 I have these tiny slits for eyes.  They are dirt brown and small and I barely have any eyelid and my eyebrow is 10 miles above my little eyes.
I'm not saying this to put myself down. It's just the truth.  I'm so envious of people who have big blue or green eyes and big eyelids. (and brown eyes are pretty too - I just don't love mine.) (But I'm thankful I have eyes and I can see - I promise I'm getting to a point).

Now - I'm not having a pity party - I'm just setting the scene. I have never been able to do my eye make-up. I have tried everything on earth to try to make it look like I had some kind of eyes on my face. Every kind of mascara. FAIL.

So one day I saw my friend Angie Smith tweeting about this amazing eye shadow palette and how there were all these you tube videos that told you how to put it on.

And the sun came out and the lights shown bright and the heavens opened up and my world was changed. I'm not even kidding I ran myself straight to Sephora and bought it. It was my Valentines present to myself.

I am totally not endorsing a product - these makeup people have no IDEA I exist but I was talking on twitter about this on Saturday night and I had so much feedback I decided I needed to do a blog post. (And sidenote: these eye shadows are EXPENSIVE. I normally just buy from Wal-Mart but I think it's totally worth it and will last a long time and you can't put a price on feeling good about yourself.) (well - I guess you can but that's a blog topic for another day).

And I want to add - I'm SO not pushing the eyeshadow - I just really like it. BUT I think you could easily find much cheaper versions with lots of colors and use the you tube videos to help.  The videos are REALLY what has helped me!!!

I got my makeup and I went to you tube and searched Naked Palette and all these tutorials popped up.  So every day - I put my laptop on my bathroom counter (on those rare days when I actually have time to do this) and I put on my makeup while someone on you tube tells me how.  Now my makeup doesn't ever come out looking like these people - it's WAY more messy - BUT I feel like it has really opened up my eyes.

These pics are bad but on the left - I had just done my makeup for the day. You can't even tell? And on the right - I had used a video to help me. Can you tell my eyes look bigger and more defined? I wish I had a better picture but I'm just using my phone. (I'm also wearing the same sweater in both pics which is funny).

So far my favorite looks have been:

Thank you sweet Angie for opening my eyes!!!! (can you help me with my hair next?)

What are your favorite products/beauty secrets?

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