Saturday, January 28, 2012

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

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I wanted to share two very sweet things that we received this week and a party we went to today.  Yesterday we got a note and a present from an 11 year old girl named Taylor in NJ.  Taylor shares a birthday with Harper and has followed her story since she was born. She used her own allowance money to buy Harper a doll that plays "Jesus Loves Me".  Isn't that precious? Harper slept with the doll last night - she loved her! I had a hard time getting Harper to hold the doll, the sign and smile all at the same time - this was the best we could do.  Taylor - thank you! What a sweet girl you are to think of another little girl so many states away!!!
And one of my oldest friends who I have known since she was Harper's age and is now 30 sent Harper these two books about little girls who have "special ears".  I loved that one of the girl's name is Laurie. We had had kind of a down week and these books came at such a neat time. I thought it was so thoughtful for her to think of us and find these books - I just cried and cried when I opened these.  I'm so inspired by these two to find small things to do for others to brighten their days.
One of Harper's friends Ella Kate turned four today and her mom had her a special "girls only" party (at EK's request) at a little art place in town.  Harper was SO excited to go!
Each girl got to paint a plate! Harper had a lot of fun making hers!
It was a Wizard of Oz theme and everything was so cute. Isn't this the cutest cake EVER?
My friend Robin made the cookies - this picture is a little blurry but they were so cute!
And look at the favor boxes? And they had little wands and ruby slippers inside - everything was just precious!
Ella's twin sisters - Ruby and Molly

Ella's beautiful mom, Amy, just had brain surgery 3 weeks ago.  She is so amazing. The mom of 3 girls under four and she always is so calm. (I know she would say she isn't - but she is such a sweet spirited mom to me).  She pulled off the cutest party after having major surgery and Christmas. I would probably still be laying in the bed. :-)  I'm so thankful Amy is doing so great - she is fine! She's an answer to prayer!
Sweet birthday girl! I still remember having her baby shower and her mom went into labor with her later that night.  A few weeks early!
Neely, Harper and Emily
The girls got to have their faces painted and Harper wanted a butterfly just like Emily! She had the best time!

We are still a little under the weather - Hollis has an ear infection and has been pretty pitiful.  So we are laying low the rest of the weekend.  Hope your weekend is great!

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