Sunday, January 22, 2012

Days of Elijah

 We had a pretty lazy weekend which has been nice.  I have to show you Hollis - eek - she is getting so big! I dug out Harper's shoes from this age and we have started wearing shoes.  Up until now she just wore socks. I feel like she is so big in those jeans and shoes standing up!
 Saturday I helped host a baby shower for my sweet friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is our pastor's daughter-in-law and they are the last couple in our class to have a baby.  We have prayed for them for a while now and have been SO thrilled that they are having a baby boy SOON!
 The shower was in her nursery colors and it was so cute. My friend Robin made cookies.
 The pregnant girls in our class - Julie, Elizabeth, Amber and Amy.  At any point and time there are usually at least 2-3 pregnant girls.
 A few non pregnant girls - Stephanie, Rachel, Berkli, Mary Avery and Robin.  So blessed to have these friends!
 Elizabeth and her hostesses.  There were several girls who hosted but couldn't be there because of sick kids or they were out of town. 

 Elizabeth is naming her baby Elijah.  He will be such a loved little boy!
 My job at the shower was to take all the gifts she opened and display them.  This was only half of what she got. It was such a fun shower.
The only thing we did the rest of Saturday was take a family trip to Target! I put the girls in these little dresses I got them in Ecuador. Scott said the kids must be a lot smaller in Ecuador because these dresses were both a little snug. Oh well - they looked cute! And it reminded me of a week I never want to forget!

Hope your weekend was great. Harper came home feeling yucky from church - I think it's just allergies - so we are laying low and in the middle of putting up her big girl bed or as she calls it "good girl bed".  I'll have to write all about that this week. I'm having a hard time realizing last night was her last night in her crib. Boo hoo. :-)

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