Thursday, December 15, 2011

Show Us Your Life - CHRISTMAS TOUR OF HOMES!!!!!

So it's my favorite thing every year - the Christmas tour of homes! I love looking at all the different decorations - big and small! I decorated more than I have in the last 3-4 years this year. I have been pregnant or with a new baby or just haven't felt like it. I almost didn't have the energy this year but once I got going - I pulled it all down from the attic and I'm glad I did!
And not one person has been to my house to see any of it so I'm kind of glad I can have a "virtual" open house! I wish I could offer you some cookies and diet coke! :-)

I'm starting the tour early because Nester has her tour up today and I thought you might like to link both places!

I put a tree in both of the girl's rooms. This is Harper's tree. It matches her room and I think it's so cute!
And this is Hollis' tree. It matches the blue and brown in her room.
I have just a few touches of Christmas in the kitchen - always have to put out one of my Southern Living Christmas cookbooks!
A little more festive in the kitchen
This is on my living room table
The only new thing in my house this year is the letters that spell Noel that I got from Hobby Lobby half price. I like the way it looks.
I've had my stockings for YEARS. I still have to get Hollis' stocking monogrammed. I bought 5 stockings before we ever had kids. (One is for Dawson the dog)
Joy is the theme of the season when you have Jesus!
Our living room tree. I pretty much hate my tree skirt but I haven't found anything else yet. I want to make one of those ruffled linen skirts that I've seen on Pinterest that don't have to be sewn. mmmm....maybe next year?
This tree is mostly browns and golds

I've had this table behind our couch for a while and just moved it to a wall. I'm liking where it is. I added some Christmas to it.

This is our fun little red, green and zebra tree in the dining room. This is the only tree I've used for the last couple of years when I didn't feel like doing much else. It's just kind of cute and whimsical to me.
This is a closer look

Looking into our dining room - I replaced my set of botanical prints with Christmas printables for free this year!
A closer look - I found these all on Pinterest!
Our living room - you can see Dawson's favorite place in the house!
Looking in from the front door
I just recently reframed a chalkboard. I like to change out the sayings all the time
My VERY favorite Christmas decoration this year is this tree. It's my Christmas Card tree. Christmas cards are my favorite part about Christmas and a few years ago I remembered Boomama doing this and I loved it! I trimmed the tree in burlap (another favorite this year) and I'm just tying the cards on with jute rope. I love being able to constantly see all the cards!
I made some little rosettes out of burlap
Another view of the tree - this is in our breakfast room
Love seeing all my friends!
Of course my favorite decoration really are these two! They are the only presents I really ever need!
Thank you for visiting our home! We love celebrating Christmas and decorating is fun - but we really know the TRUE meaning of Christmas is celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ! We are so thankful He was born into this earth and lived and died and rose again so that we could have eternal life and life more abundant in Him! I hope you find the joy that is in Jesus this year!

Now join in the fun!!!!

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