Friday, December 09, 2011

My girl likes to party all the time

We have a busy couple of days lately. Christmas parties galore! Wednesday night - Tracy and I had our Sunday school class girls over for pizza before a youth event. It was ugly Christmas sweater night. Such sweet girls.
Thursday night we went to a Christmas party with a group in NWA that works with kids who are deaf or have hearing loss. It was fun - it was at the U of A and they had lots of craft stations for the kids.
This is Harper's speech therapist "Mrs. Rachel".  Harper loves her.
Harper couldn't believe I let her put her hands in paint. We are usually both too neat for that! ha!
Harper's favorite part of the party - eating cookies! She was two fisting it!
Our family
Santa (one of the dads) made an appearance. Harper wouldn't have anything to do with him and you can see how thrilled Hollis was.  ha ha ha!
This morning we had a little blog/twitter meet up at Bliss cupcakes.  Some of my good friends are new owners and it was fun to have some friends come meet up and eat cupcakes. Melissa and Grayson came!
Jennifer and Jillian.  Brody was there too but I missed getting his picture. He was having too much fun.
Emily and Miles. Emily is SOOOOO sweet. She was in my same sorority at college several years after I was.
My friend Shannon came by
Taylor and Grace - so excited they came by
Sydney holding Hollis
Jennifer and I tried to take a picture of us with our girls but Jillian kept grabbing Hollis and we were getting so cracked up. This was the best we could do.
If you are in NWA - Bliss is off the Fayetteville square and they are SOOOO good! You need to check them out.
I got a big surprise right before I left a girl walked in and I didn't even notice at first and she said "Kelly?" Gina and I went to college together and were in the same sorority and we haven't seen each other in years. She lives in Little Rock but was in town for her job and was grabbing some cupcakes for the road. Such a fun coincidence we both ended up there!

We have a birthday party tomorrow and then our December starts to slow down. Our family are all going to bed early tonight because we are tired.
But happy!

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