Monday, November 14, 2011

What's Been going on

I thought I'd share a few behind the scenes stuff from my trip to Ecuador. I shared a lot about the kids - but this is other stuff that went on while I was there.

I got to see the Equator!!! Which contrary to what I've always believed is NOT the hottest place in the world.  At least not where we were.

I served food to kids in the child development centers

I painted approximately 500 fingernails

I spent time with amazing people and watched their love and passion for these kids
(MAN - I'm missing these friends this week)

I planted corn and beans. Oh yes I did - look at my work boots!

I talked a lot with people I admire who do things that make me want to be more like Jesus.

I heard pastors talk about the persecution that Christians in Ecuador have endured. TERRIBLE persecution.  And how Compassion helping kids in the community has helped the persecutors to stop.

I prayed for the children, their families, the pastors of the churches and the volunteers in the child development centers that more of you will open your hearts to sponsor a child.  

(all pics by Keely Scott)

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