Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Think Pink

 Today has been a day where my nerves are just shot! I need a Big sonic drink and a hot bath and some mindless TV. ha! Harper had an appointment at Children's in Little Rock today.  We LOVE her audiologist SO SO much but going to Little Rock for appointments is getting tough.  Scott has been in south AR hunting since before I got home from Ecuador (SO happy to see him finally) so he met me at the hospital.  I had to leave our house by 6:45 but I made one stop to get the girls fed and changed and then I got stuck in horrible traffic because of a wreck so I was late to the appointment and they almost cancelled on me. Thank goodness they understood I was coming from hours away with two babies and had mercy on me - I was close to tears. I should add that Hollis screamed about 80% of the time she was in the car today so that didn't help my nerves.
 Harper was SO good today.  She is getting close to three (how did this happen so fast) and I'm seeing the changes in her.  She is still a bundle of energy and big personality but she's getting easier to take and do things with. She was so interested in "helping" Miss Jan today.  She may be an audiologist one of these days. 
We have had a pair of loaner hearing aids from the hospital since this summer and today we finally got our OWN special ears! And we picked pink!!! This is what they look like! They should be good for several years and they are a new kind that can even get wet! I'm excited to have these!

Two fun things helped me end my day on a good note.................................
I had ordered Harper some pink dance shoes and they came today! I'm hoping to put her in a dance class starting in January and I'm so excited!!!


I got an email that a couple who met through the Singles SUYL on here got ENGAGED this week! If you are keeping track (which I doubt anyone but me is) that is FOUR COUPLES who are engaged/married!! And I know of probably 3 couples who I expect good news from someday!

AND in case you are wondering -
I'm going to do a Singles Day for over 40 singles in January and another one for all singles in February! So if you are single or know someone special who is - please spread the word!! I hope I will keep hearing more fun success stories!!! Let's do something good with this silly blog! :-)

and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo random and nothing to do with this post:
I've probably received 50 emails from people saying they think this girl on "Pan Am" looks like me. I don't really see it but seriously - every day I get another email from someone. What do you think? ha! And even more funny is I just saw a friend from my hometown who just moved to NYC is going to be ON the show. SO crazy!

Okay - that's all.......I need that bath now.

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