Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm So excited!

(My post was originally titled something about "number three" and WAY too many people thought I meant we were pregnant again. Oh boy no - my hands are plenty full! :-)

If you have read my blog very much at all - you know I'm CRAZY about Razorback football. And if you keep up with college football - you probably know that I'm COMPLETELY GIDDY right now! This weekend was CRAZY and we have ended up #3 in the country with a chance at going to the championship game (if we can beat a little school in Louisiana).  :-)  So needless to say - this Friday I'm going to be nuts!!! We went to the U of A today for speech therapy and I drove by and took this picture of our stadium! The whole state of Arkansas is just electric with excitement! It's a fun time to be a Razorback fan.
Sadly - a sophomore on our team died in his dorm room yesterday.  I don't think they know why yet - it's so tragic.  So it's a very sad time for the Hogs along with being excited.

Speaking of excited - for the first time - yesterday our church had a Compassion Sunday! Talk about amazing timing for me! I was asked to get up and talk about my experiences and trips with Compassion. I felt like I was going to throw up I was so nervous but I just prayed hard God would give me words to say and I think He did. We had a guy named Owen from Kenya who had gone through the program and was a LDP student share his testimony. It was AMAZING! And something I really loved was he shared that he just got married and his Compassion sponsor was his BEST MAN! Isn't that so sweet??? I wish you could all hear what he shared! We also had a man who is on staff at David Platt's church (and Boomama's church) share about Compassion.  And the even bigger God thing is I was able to talk with him and find out he and his family are moving to Ecuador soon to start and work at an Orphanage in Quito where I just was!!!  There was a huge line of people getting Compassion packets afterwards including one of my 9th Grade Sunday School girls who signed up to sponsor and my neighbor who knocked on my door after church to tell me his family is now sponsoring two kids! I love how God is using Compassion to help kids in poverty and to spread the gospel!
Saturday one of my good friends took our family pics.  She sent me this as a sneak preview.  It was an awful windy day but hopefully we got a few good ones! Bethany is SO talented. She has been taking pictures for most of my friends and they are amazing! I'm TERRIFIED of having our pictures taken because I don't know how my kids will be but I knew Bethany would still love us even if they were horrible. :-)
You have to check out Bethany's site:!/pages/bethany-blair-photography/232088230135252

I don't know how much I will blog this week. I'm so overwhelmed lately with business, plus the holidays plus being overly excited about the Hogs! I wish each and everyone of you a Happy Thanksgiving! We all have so much to be thankful for!

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