Sunday, November 06, 2011

I feel the Earth Move

 My parents came this weekend to go to the ball game (which I know THE game was on last night but we also had a top 10 game and it was pretty good!).  They offered to come Friday and spend the night with the girls so we could go have an overnight date! They are always good to give us time to spend alone to keep our marriage first.
 And of course the girls were thrilled to be with their grandparents! They are about to have grandparent overload for the next week!
Scott and I were so excited to go out and celebrate our anniversary. This was the first time we have been out alone since Hollis was born. We didn't know how to act.
 We went and ate at our favorite - Doe's.  Then we made a trip to Target and a few other places waiting to go to the late movie.  I haven't been to a late movie in forever.
We stayed at the Double tree and got yummy cookies they give out! We felt kind of shady when the lady asked us where we were from and we had to say "here".  ha!  It was nice to get full night's sleep!! We also went to see "Courageous".  Have you seen it? It is SUCH a good movie. I recommend it to everyone to see!

Last night we had a big earthquake here.  It FREAKED Me out.  We have been having small ones lately but I've never felt one. Scott was at the game and I was watching football.  It felt like the wind was blowing down on our house until I walked in the kitchen and my cabinets were rattling and all the dishes inside were shaking. WEIRD! I knew immediately it wasn't wind but an earthquake and I got on twitter and everyone in my feed was saying "Did you feel that? Earthquake" It was a 5.6 from Oklahoma and felt all over. SO crazy!!!!

I didn't teach my Sunday School Class today because my friend Tracy and I are switching off but when I got out of my adult class I got a text from Tracy with this video.  Oh - so sweet! How cute are these girls? This made my day!! I just had to share!

So ......... I get on a plane tomorrow and after twelve hours of travel I will be in Ecuador! I'm sooo excited and nervous at the same time! I can't wait to share with you all about what Compassion is doing! I hope you will check back this week a lot and travel along with me! Thank you in advance for your prayers!

I was so excited because this was up in our foyer at church today.  I don't know how it got there (I even had several friends ask if I put it up!) but I thought it was a neat sign to see right before I go on my trip!

And can I ask you to pray for two quick things? I have tons of prayer requests that people have sent me recently that I need to post and I will after I get back.  But I have two I can't get off my mind.
1. There is a family who lives in AR and about 4 years ago they lost a little girl to an illness (I don't know all the details) but about a week ago they found out their 2 year old daughter has a very aggressive brain tumor.  I can't stop thinking about them. I can't imagine losing one child but to face even the thought of losing two or going through such an awful ordeal with a second child - it's unimaginable.  It's one of those times when I just want to yell "WHY?" and I'm sure they have.  Could you just pray for this family? The little girl's name is Stella.

2. One of my dearest friends Rachel has an almost 10 year old nephew, Xander, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor around the age of 3.  He has been on a roller coaster ever since and has had many treatments.  They just went in for a scan and found out he has new spots.  His family has probably the strongest faith of anyone I know but Xander has just held a special place in my heart for the last few years and I just want to ask y'all to pray for him.

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