Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had so much fun this year on Halloween.  It was fun to see Harper get excited and have fun! I told Scott we only have a couple of more years where we can really do this so I really want to enjoy it.  We dressed as a farm family! Scott already had his overalls and I borrowed a pair.  We had the pig costume from when Harper was a baby and I got a cow costume for Harper.

I seriously think this pig costume is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Hollis was so funny in her costume - she barely moved all night. It was like she didn't know what on earth was going on. I may have to put her in that more often so she will be still. ha!  The bad thing is it wouldn't fit in her car seat so we had to keep putting it on and taking it off every where we went.
 Oh I love these two!
Harper has been SO excited about her costume. She has tried it on and talked about it up until that night when I got it out for her to put on and the rest of us were all dressed and she said "NO - I don't want to wear that" and went in her room and barricaded herself. I'm not even kidding - she put one of her little chairs up against that door. Is she 15? 
I just had to tell her Hollis was going to get all the candy and she changed her mind. 
 We went to Laurie and Steve's first to trick or treat and see each other's costumes.
 2011 Farm Family of the Year
I'm already trying to talk Scott into a Wizard of the Oz theme for next year? Think he will go for it? 
 Cutest little Disney princesses
 Our church had four different mini festivals set up in neighborhoods. We went to our friends Jason and Lisa's house. They had games and blow up houses and candy.  Here is Harper and her friend Brandon.
My friend Rachel was there. Her 3 boys were all Star Wars Characters. So fun.  Although she totally should have pulled out Princess Leia! :-)

We came home and trick or treated at a couple of neighbor homes.  Hollis fell asleep in the car so we pushed her in the stroller. Harper came in the house and said "I had a fun night".  That was SO worth dressing up and taking her around.  I love building memories with my girls!

P.S. I have had so many emails asking me about this that I thought I would add a little something (I'm not stirring up a debate - fair warning - I'm just sharing my thoughts because I've been asked so much):
We do celebrate Halloween even though we are Christians. I'm asked why so often.  I know Halloween originated as a time to celebrate demons or witches. That has NOTHING to do why we celebrate. I think if you are celebrating Halloween by doing Ouija boards in a cemetery or practicing witchcraft - that would go against the Christian faith. To me and to most of the people I know - Halloween is more of a cultural holiday. It's about letting kids dress up in fun costumes and get candy. Most churches where I live host festivals or "trunk and treats" to let the kids have a safe place to go and for families to have fun together.  I think it all lies in the heart of what you are celebrating. To me - it's a fun time for our family and that is why we celebrate.

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