Thursday, October 13, 2011

Speech and Swings

 Today was our first speech therapy session! I was so excited and it went so great! We are going to a therapist who works just with hearing impaired patients.  So the therapy is just what Harper needs.  I know in a year or so - you will never know that she even wears hearing aids.
 It was a lot of games and playing with toys so Harper thought it was just a fun hour! I don't think she realized she was learning. With this therapy - they encourage the parent to participate and we have homework to work on each week.  I took Hollis with us and she did so great too.  I prayed so hard this morning that both girls would cooperate and the Lord heard even my small unimportant prayer!
 Harper did so great I decided to celebrate by taking us to lunch at Jason's Deli.  I was pretty proud of myself for taking both girls during a busy lunch hour out to eat. ha! I know it's no big deal but we rarely take both girls out so doing it alone is a big feat!
 Even Hollis enjoyed her lunch out!
 We are having such nice fall weather that I took the girls to the park this afternoon.  Harper LOVED swinging!
 I decided to let Hollis try it out and she really liked it.  Harper would SCREAM at this age if I tried to make her swing but Hollis was just "hanging out". 
This picture makes me smile - my girls swinging together. They are really starting to interact together! It makes my momma heart SO happy!

Thank you for your big response on the Compassion stories! Starting next week for several weeks - I will include 1-2 Compassion "testimonies" a day.  There are some really great ones and I hope hearing from some of "you" and not just me will encourage you to think about sponsoring a child!!!

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