Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Step Stool to heaven

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I hosted play group today.  We had two groups meeting and half the group came to my house.  It's been a long time since I hosted play group.  We decided to change up play group this year and meet earlier in the day to better help with naps and so we wouldn't have to serve lunch.

I just made snacks - Guacamole, Spinach dip and fruit and fruit dip.  You know - Dips.  Laurie is my children's baby whisperer.  She can hold Harper and Hollis in her lap and they will sit there so still for HOURS.  I can't figure it out. I keep asking her why they are so still and quiet for her.

A bunch of boys came to our house today and I felt kind of sorry for them.  They were surrounded with a pink kitchen, tutus and princess crowns.  I'm sure they were wondering where the cars and swords were.

At least we do own a few balls.  

Hollis had so much fun being held and watching the big kids play that she completely passed out the minute everyone left.  In fact............can you hear that???? Both my girls are napping at the same time right now.  And that boys and girls is exactly why I love play group! :-)

I just wanted to remember this.
A sweet blog friend gave me this stool before Harper was born.  It wasn't used for a long time but now we have it in the bathroom and use it to wash our hands or to help us on the potty.  But it has really become Harper's best friend.  She pulls it out a lot when she wants to "help me cook".  (She helped me cook all the play group food this morning and was so proud).

But the stool has also become Harper's tool to do what she wants.  If I say she can't go outside - she knows she can reach the lock on the sliding glass door so she will go get the stool and get up on it and unlock the door.

Last night I was eating some chips and a sandwich on the counter and Harper kept wanting a chip. I told her no she went and got her stool, crawled up and helped herself.

I have to give her points for creativity and craftiness. 

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