Thursday, September 22, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Favorite Places to Shop

I like clothes.
I really like clothes a lot.
I want to be trendy.  But I'm also pushing 40 and I've had two babies.  So even though I teach 9th graders now in Sunday School - I know I don't really need to dress like one.
It's a fine line.

I'm NO fashion expert. I like to follow trends but I also know I need to wear what fits my body (big hips and chubby thighs and all).

I've never been one to be tied to "brands".  I don't own designer purses or shoes or jeans.  I have bought a lot of clothes at Wal-Mart and sometimes those are the things I get the most compliments on.  I got the cutest chevron striped vest at Wal-Mart this summer for like $7 and I wore it more than anything. I also like Target (sometimes - their clothes aren't always my favorite).

My VERY favorite place to shop is T J Maxx. I love the hunt and I love the prices.  I probably get more clothes there than anywhere.

I also like Gap, Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft.

And my very favorite store right now is Francesca's.  They have the cutest clothes and jewelry and it's not overly expensive.  Most of their dresses are WAY too short but they make great tunics.

For fall - I love boots (I'm a HUGE boots fan), skinny jeans I can tuck in boots, tunics or short dresses I can wear as tunics, open knit cardigans, ruffles - lots of ruffles, and fun jewelry.  I have never been able to pull off scarfs or hats.

I love stores like J Crew and Anthropologie but hate how expensive they are.  So I try to re-create their looks with T J Maxx and Forever 21, etc. I also love Talbots.  They have really come a long way!

My favorite trick is to layer. I wear a lot of long sleeve shirts under dresses that I would wear in the summer and with tights or leggings to extend my wardrobe. Or I put sweaters over things. I take summer thin ruffled shirts and put cardigans over them and add skinny jeans and boots.

A shop I found on-line through facebook that I'm in LOVE with is
They have the CUTEST clothes! Like the dress above.

Where do you like to shop?

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