Monday, September 12, 2011

Parenting and Poppyseeds

I am so excited because this fall I am taking TWO parenting classes at church. They are both taught by people I really admire. There is a couple in our class (they are younger than me) who have three boys and their boys are SOOOOOOO well behaved. So much that they were asked over and over and over to teach a class and they have been for the last few years. It's based on "Shepherding a Child's Heart" and I am learning so much. This past week we were learning about teaching our children to respect others (us as parents, elders, authorities) and property. I just want so badly for my children to be kind and have good manners.

During Tuesday morning Bible Study time - our pastor's wife is teaching a class based on "Boundaries with kids". I think one of the things I'm enjoying in both classes is being with other parents or moms and hearing them talk about things they are working through and thinking "okay yes - we are normal!" It's a HUGE blessing in this stage of life. People kid me about being in both classes but I tell them if they offered another one on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings - I would be there too. I know I only get one chance at shaping their lives and I will never be perfect or do everything right - but I just want to know that we are trying to make them the best kids and adults that we can. (I should also add that we are lucky to have our own parents to learn from as well! )

My treat all summer has been sitting down at night once everyone is in bed with a bowl of poppyseed dressing and some fruit. I got addicted to this treat from a local tea room. I had found a poppyseed dressing at Wal-Mart that if I added sugar to it - it was ABSOLUTELY perfect.

Well - wouldn't you know they either have totally sold out or are no longer selling it. I have gone to three different stores in the last few weeks and none of them have it anymore. I tried a couple of others and they were not good at all. (There was just one certain brand that I liked) So I have tried making it myself. I tried one recipe last week and it was HORRIBLE. My aunt sent me the recipe that Helen Corbitt was famous for for using it at Neiman Marcus (my mom also posted the recipe HERE) and I also found our local tea room's recipe and I merged them. If you are interested - this is what it is:
Crumpet Tea Room Rogers, Ak.
3 cups sugar
5 tsp. dry mustard
4 tsps. salt
4 tsps. onion powder
1½ cups apple cider vinegar
4 cups oil
6 tbsps. poppy seeds
Combine the first 5 ingredients. Slowly mix in the oil. Add seeds. Mix well and refrigerate. Makes 1 quart.

I made it today and it's still not exactly right. I didn't have onion powder so that might be an issue. I also think regular vinegar might be better than apple cider. There is some kind of "whang" to this version that I'm not loving. I also did more like 5 cups of sugar to make it really sweet. I'm still working on the perfect combination.

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