Thursday, August 04, 2011

What did we do before Phone cameras?

How about a good old fashioned post of pictures from this week?

Tuesday we went to play at chick-fil-a where it's nice and cool. There were two older boys playing and Harper had fun bossing them around.  I got tickled at her.
Happy Girl!
Us girls just hanging out today
Hollis is in a phase where she wants to be with me 24/7 and prefers to be held.  I had to pull out the sling the other night to cook dinner so I faced her out.  She was so happy that way.  I tweeted this picture and then had to laugh when I realized later it looked like she was flipping the camera off. WHOOPS! :-)
Today was the last day of "summer school" for Harper.  She had the best day.  I know she will miss going. 

Yesterday's post was a little disappointing to me so I thought it might be a good day to ask you..........

What are you thankful for? Can we all just count our blessings (big or small) today?

I'm thankful for:
Cooler weather today (it's 90 and feels almost chilly)
Eating with friends tonight
A church with a heart to serve our community
Summer time when wash and wear hair is acceptable (ha!)
Snow cones
Huge smiles on my girls' faces
That it doesn't get dark until almost 9
Grandparents who like to "face time" with my girls
God's grace that covers my many sins

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