Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Follies

We have had a busy weekend.  Scott and Steve went to south AR to do some more work on their deer camp so it was just us girls.  I ate lunch with Laurie and my friend Tracy Friday.  Friday night I played with the girls and kept them up kind of late.

Saturday morning Caroline came over and we went to the Farmer's Market.  Caroline got some peaches and I got a big sack of okra! I'm so excited! I've been wanting some so bad! I have three ways I plan to cook them this week: Fry it up, with bacon and tomatoes, and Parmesan Okra!

Harper was SOOO excited that "Ya-Ya" (the name she started calling her on her own) (she gives EVERYONE nicknames) was hanging with us this morning.

We went to the splash park after the farmer's market and then took a trail walk to see our new art museum that is being built.  It was a fun morning.

The girls and I just hung around home the rest of the day.  Neither girl would nap in the afternoon and I was tired so they both had early bedtimes.  I got them both asleep in their rooms by 7:30.  That is the earliest they have both been in bed in 5 months so I sat down with some ice cream and a lifetime movie.  BLISS!

This morning was promotion Sunday.  Harper is out of the nursery and in her first Sunday School room.  I tried to take pictures before church and she wasn't thrilled. She let me take a few of both of them after instead.

I started teaching 9th grade girls this morning.  I'm SO excited! I think it's going to be so fun.  Scott and I are also taking a parenting class at church on Sunday afternoons - which makes for a CRAZY Sunday but it's something I think we really need to do. I'm hoping it helps us!

And please keep my BFF Laurie and her family in your prayers.  Her dad had a heart attack last night and had to be taken to Little Rock.  They are going to be doing quadruple bypass surgery.  I know she is very worried about her dad.  I'm hoping I can help her by keeping one or both of her girls this week.  Harper will be thrilled.  We are praying for a full recovery for her dad.

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