Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What's Up?

I can't get into blogging this week. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day. I don't really get a free moment to do anything until about 9 at night when both girls are asleep. I'm trying to get ready for a Sip and See I'm throwing Saturday and I'm wondering how all you moms with two or more kids ever get anything done??? Some of you seem to accomplish so much!

I do want to write down a few quick memories about Harper. I know I write more about her than Hollis - it's not favoritism. Hollis is the sweetest baby alive - but she is mostly sleeping and eating these days.

All of Harper's teachers always tell me what "a little mother she is" and I finally saw her in action at the splash park on Monday. We met some friends and there were a few one year olds. She would put her arm around them and say "Come on baby" and guide them to the water. She would pat them and it was just so sweet.

I gave Harper her first pedicure this week. She was so good and still and proud of her feet. She ran right in to show her daddy and was trying to show my mom on face time today. And of course we love the best color - OPI Cajun Shrimp!

I was feeding Hollis today and when I finished I found Harper sitting with her daddy on his lunch break watching TV with him. I love that my big football player hunting husband can be so sweet with our girls and hold their baby dolls too. God knew he would make a great dad to girls. They are so lucky to have him!

When Hollis is in her swing - Harper calls her "Baby Rock Rock". Today Harper climbed up in the swing and said "Harper Rock Rock". She hated the swing as a baby. Hollis sleeps like a rock in it and I'm so thankful.

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