Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A few Firsts

Harper had her first day today at a new MDO. She is going to a summer program at a different church. She does SO well about going to church or school at our church but I wasn't sure how today would go. I took her to her class and I sort of expected her to hang on my leg or be a little shy but she ran right in and started playing and didn't even tell me goodbye. I stayed in the hall and watched for a minute or two and she was playing with a toy and talking to a little girl so I decided just to leave. I'm SO thankful she is not shy. I have always been a little shy so I had hoped that my children would not be. I think shyness sometimes makes you miss out on great things.
I had several things I wanted to do today but I ended up just sitting on the couch holding this sweetie most of the time instead. I just don't get to do that enough and one look in her little face and I knew she and I just needed some quality time. I'm thankful to have the chance to spend some time alone with her this summer. And Harper had a great time in her new school.
The only thing I got done was to make a meal for my friend Amanda and take it to her. This is the first picture of Hollis and Lela - future BFF's. Hollis is 3 months and Lela is 4 days old. I couldn't believe how BIG Hollis looked compared to her. Lela is so cute! I can't wait to watch her grow! There will be many years of play group and Sunday School and preschool choir ahead for them...........

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