Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toilets and Tanning

For the last few weeks, Harper has been showing interest in the "potty".  She will want to sit on it so we do and nothing really happens but I figure if she asks - we will try.  This past weekend she actually finally peed for her Gigi and then Monday night she said "Harper potty" and ran into the bathroom, jumped on and went! I was so proud of her! I don't think we will jump full force into potty training just yet but I'm encouraging her to try and hopefully in the next few months we will kiss diapers goodbye. I'm really not in a hurry - I've learned with Harper that every big milestone like that seems to happen at just the right time and each thing (taking away the paci or the bottle or whatever - has been a very easy transition).

Hollis is doing so good - her sleeping is getting better and better. She only got up once last night.  I'm so thankful.  We still have nights at times where it's every 2 hours but I think we may actually sleep through the night before we are two. ha! She is just so happy and content and smiles all the time when you talk to her.
I was talking about "tan towels" on twitter earlier today and got so many questions - I thought I better post about it.  (This is not some kind of blog product promotion.  I'm not getting paid and L'oreal hasn't sent me a bunch of free tan towels ha! But I thought I ought to share a great secret!)

So I love to be tan.  I'll admit it.  I just feel thinner and better about myself when I have a little color. Especially when it's time to break out shorts and sleeveless shirts and it's been in the high 80's here this week so it's time.  But with two small children - I certainly am not laying out at any pools.  A lot of my friends do spray tan but I'm just too mortified to do that plus I hate the mess - even though it looks GREAT on them.  I hate self tanners - I don't like they way they feel or smell.  But this past week I wanted to try something so I picked up these tan towels at Wal-Mart.  It's just a big sheet (kind of like a baby wipe) and you rub it all over - even your face and it's not streaky or messy.  I did it right before I went to bed and the next morning I had a real natural color.  I know it will be different for everyone - some of you might hate it and the color may not work - but I LOVED them.  

and because she is just so sweet and cute - another picture of my sweet Hollis.

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