Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yesterday it's shallow

Yesterday I went "deep" on is a little more shallow.  I have two "new mom" topics I need to discuss.

We had a ROUGH night at our house last night.  Hollis actually had her best night - she went 3 hours between each feeding (so much better than 1 hr)(ha!) but Harper was up half the night HYSTERICALLY crying.  She usually only does this when she is sick - but there is nothing wrong with her. (and she's been sleeping through the night pretty well for a while now).   She was just fine all day today - went to "school" and played hard at home all afternoon and tonight but as soon as she went to bed she was back to being hysterical.  I thought maybe she was scared or sick - but she's been very clingy to Daddy and I think this may be her way of acting out about the baby.  She has been so great with Hollis - loving and kissing her - but I think she may know she has lost some attention as much as I've made efforts to give her the most when I can.

Did y'all experience this when you went from 1 to 2 or more? I'm hearing it's normal and that's making me feel better. It breaks my heart to see her so upset but I also know she will never remember this time in her life and she will get over it.  And I'll get over not having any sleep. ha!

And here is the REAL shallow thing.................when I'm pregnant - I have nine months of great hair and skin.  I always feel pretty good about myself (and I've struggled with self image my whole life) but for a few months after I have a baby - both times - I have never looked uglier.  My hair is a DISASTER.  I thought with Harper it was because we were in the NICU and I honestly didn't care how I looked but it's just as bad if not worse this time around.  I'm so swollen and pasty skinned and my hair is just TERRIBLE.  (Please don't say "no - you look great" because I'm not fishing for compliments - I'm stating facts about how I feel right now. ha!) (and if you try to tell me otherwise I'll know you are lying and just trying to be nice. ha!)

So I'm thinking of growing my bangs out (but I can't quit trimming them myself hoping they will look better) and I'm also thinking of growing out my hair and leaving the "mom bob" behind. Maybe I'm having a mid life crisis.  Did y'all have hair issues or just plain feel ugly after having babies? And I know what's coming in a few months - my hair fell out in CHUNKS with Harper - I had huge bald spots and the baby bangs.

I'm just curious if any of you felt this way because every mom I see out there right after having a baby looks so great.........nobody seems swollen with bangs hanging in their eyes like me. ha ha ha!  (and I'm not even talking about the weight........I figure that will go away hopefully and I need to eat to feed right's just the bad hair. ha! )

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