Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On a Happier note............................................

I'm still working through the whole "protecting and watermarking my pictures" situation. As soon as I get it figured out - I will share everything I know! Probably in the next week.  Several of you asked about watermarking - the situation is I've had pictures stolen off this blog and used in facebook profiles, message board persona's and even blogs. So I'm watermarking the pictures so even if someone steals it - it will have my name on it. A lot of people put the watermark at the bottom or in a corner - but that can be cropped off so mine is going in the middle. Annoying? Yes.  Necessary? For now - yes. 

I do want to share a little good news that based on many emails/comments I've received - I'm pretty sure it will make a lot of people happy. ha! ha!
 Guess who hasn't had a pacifier in TWO weeks???????

We can thank my parents who started it when they took her home and I've been strong since she came home. And surprisingly - it's gone very well!!! 

Now let's just hope potty training is as easy! :-)
And just because she is so sweet.........................

Harper LOVES to sing. She goes around all day singing little songs. I hear her in her bed at night and naptime singing to herself. Our new favorite song is "Wheels on the bus". I'm sure you all want to contact a record label and get us a contract! ha! My very favorite thing is when she is singing "Yes .....Jesus loves me" and she shuts her eyes and smiles so big like she knows He loves her and it's the greatest thing. She may not know just yet .............but it IS the GREATEST thing!!!!!

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