Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Today we had a big play group at my friend Tracy's house to celebrate Easter. I dressed the girls in their matching spring outfits! Oh so fun!!!
Okay - this is just a little play group that gets together with moms from our Sunday School class. We do it around lunch time so we normally have sandwiches or maybe a casserole and something for the kids. But my friend Tracy is like Martha Stewart Jr and she always goes ALL OUT. Today was insane. She tries to make it so special - I just call her crazy. I had to share all the details with you.
(I have to add that Tracy has 2 young girls, works from home, sews, refinishes furniture, rearranges her house about twice a month, cooks for her neighbors, and just constantly does for others. I always want to know if she ever sleeps or could she give me some of that energy!)

Chinese slaw salad in these little jars???? SERIOUSLY?????
And our amazing friend Robin made these cookies. She can do anything!
Lemonade in mason jars??? SO CUTE!
Of course my sweet little girl (who thinks she is a boy) only wanted to throw dirt on herself and her cute smocked dress and climb to the highest point of the swing set so that I would be a nervous wreck the whole time. Thank goodness Hollis slept in her carrier the whole time. I think once she gets active - I'm going to have to drop out of play group. I love my friends - but chasing two kids at a big play group is more than I'm cut out for.
It was supposed to be cold and rainy and we go SO lucky because it was a GORGEOUS day!! (of course while I have been writing this - we just had the biggest hail storm I have EVER seen. It was like it was snowing huge hail balls. CRAZY)
The Easter bunny even showed up. Harper wouldn't even look at him. She was too busy digging in the dirt. ha!
Tracy also had live bunnies!! Harper was pretty interested in that!

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