Thursday, March 10, 2011


First of all - No baby yet!

Second - Friday's SUYL is all about kid birthday parties! Such a fun topic. It will be up sometime mid afternoon tomorrow and will stay up for the weekend so come back and visit!

Today has been a fun but busy day.  I wrote recently about my friend Dan Woolley who works for Compassion International and was trapped in a hotel during the Haiti earthquake for several days.  He's been on Anderson Cooper recently and wrote a book about his amazing story of survival. He lives in CO but happened to be here in NWA speaking at a luncheon so Laurie kept Harper for us and Scott and I got to go to the lunch and hear him speak and visit with him! That was really fun!

Tonight I had a fun girl's night.  Probably my last for a long time.  In our Sunday School class - we do nice showers for first babies and every baby after that - the mom-to-be picks a restaurant and we meet up and do a small shower.  I felt uncomfortable having a shower because we are so fortunate to have so much already for Hollis so I asked not to have one....................but I thought it would STILL be fun to just meet up at a restaurant and eat! So I picked Abuelo's - my favorite mexican restaurant since I have craved Mexican food so much for the last 9 months. It was fun just to get to eat and visit! I'm hoping all that food I ate doesn't put me in labor tonight. ha!

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of Harper now that we are heading into her final days of being an only child.  She has been so much fun today.  We had a good day that involved no meltdowns or spankings - that is a RARE day indeed! In fact - we started off the day when she woke up at 5:30 (ugh) and I went in and when I turned on the light - she was naked and handed me her pajamas and then said "HI Mommy! How are you girl?" ha ha ha! I would like to go on record and say I have never in my life said "How are you girl?" to anyone so I don't know where she picked that up.  She's such a funny girl!

Notice Dawson is always nearby in all her pictures.  They are quite the pair these days.  I don't know what he's going to think when he finds out he's about to have TWO sisters.  Harper wouldn't take a nap today.  She stayed in her bed for about an hour kicking the wall and talking.  But it's hard to be mad about the no nap when she spent half the time singing "Jesus loves me" at the top of her lungs.  Laurie said today when Harper was at her house, Laurie started singing "Jesus loves me" and Harper got right in her face and said "Jesus????" with a funny look like "How do you know my song?" ha!

I have started packing my hospital bag and this weekend we are getting all the baby stuff ready - pack and play, bouncy seat, swing, etc............... and then Hollis can come anytime after that! I'll let you know! :-)

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