Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

 I know it's crazy that I'm blogging every day with a new baby.  But right now she is sleeping all the time and I have a lot of help.  Plus she is so easy (and fun) to take pictures of that I just have to post them!
 Honestly - y'all probably aren't too interested in this ................but Hollis has grandparents and an aunt and uncle and a Great grandma and a Great Aunt and a few other family and friends that I know want to see her picture ..........
 And well - I'm just deeply in love with this sweet thing.  I could just cry she is so precious and sweet! She is just the easiest baby.  She had a GREAT night last night! We are SO, SO blessed!
 And I PROMISE her name is not on everything.  I just bought her (and was given) a few special things that were monogrammed and I can't help but to dress her up in all of them right away.  We will be breaking out sister's clothes soon enough!
I am a huge fan of all these gowns.  They make diaper changing so easy and they are so comfy.  I have decided over the last two years that snap pajamas are the enemy.  I am refusing to use them anymore.  And at the rate Hollis is going through diapers - I can't imagine snapping and re-snapping over and over! ha!

And I will warn you - Scott and I are planning to take newborn pictures of her tomorrow so I'll probably have another post full of pictures.  Don't feel like you need to comment...............I just need to satisfy Nonny and Poppa's love for the day! :-)

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