Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Scott

When you are looking for someone to marry - there are so many important qualities you hope to find

Someone who loves Jesus and will be your spiritual leader, a hard worker, someone who makes you laugh, someone who is smart.............................

One of the most important things is marrying someone who will be a good dad.  But that's hard to know when you are dating.  I lucked out because I married someone who had everything I had hoped for AND he's the BEST dad.  My favorite memories are of watching him with his girls and just how sweet and gentle and loving he is with them.  Harper and Hollis are so lucky to have a daddy who loves them so much!
Happy Birthday to the man I'm lucky enough to spend my life with and to share two daughters with.  I wish I could do something great to celebrate Scott's birthday this year but I can't drive and I'm limited on getting around.  I hope he knows how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate him and how thankful I am that God thought enough of me to let me marry him!

I think I'll tell him.

Happy Birthday Scott! I love you! All 3 of your girls love you!

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