Monday, March 28, 2011

Doctor Appointments and Misc Stuff

I forgot to share these precious cookies my friend Robin made for me to give out at the hospital. She even made Harper a few of her own! I had asked her to make some with little white dresses on it.  I wasn't even thinking at the time that the dress looked just like the going home dress the girls wore but it does!
I have this basket for Hollis' room so I just used it and tied all the cookies up in sacks with cute ribbon to give out! I attempted to do this for Harper's birth and things got so crazy - I had to just give the basket to the nurses' station but I was so happy this time I could actually give them out!!
I brought down this little play mat for Hollis yesterday.  A certain 2 year old HATED this when she was a baby but she thought it was a new toy for her. She wouldn't get off of it and thought it was the greatest thing.
And we saw our first sign of jealousy when I let Hollis get on it. Hollis really seemed to like it!
Hollis had her first doctor appointment today.  Doesn't she look precious???? I thought an outing deserved a dress up day!
I love this of the sisters looking at each other!
Hollis did really good at the doctor. He said everything looked good and she had gained weight. She is up to 9 lbs 2 oz! I'm so thankful she is a healthy girl!
We love our pediatrician.  He always takes his time with us and listens to any crazy questions or concerns I have.  He went to OBU with me and his wife was one of my good friends at school.  They have four kids and I love to consult her on things because she always has great advice.
I also had to go to my doctor after this visit to have my incision checked.  We had a girl from church babysit Harper so my mom could take me to these visits and we didn't have to wrestle Harper too since I can't pick her OR the baby in her carrier up.  I really need to get some kind of wrap to carry Hollis in.  Hollis was so good - she just slept for most of the time we were out.
The girls got a sweet package today from a very special friend we have named Randee who lives in Texas! They wanted to say Hi to Randee and thank her for being such a sweet friend!!!! We love our gifts! :-)

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