Monday, February 21, 2011

Surprise Shower

I had some friends suggest we all get together for a "girls night" dinner tonight a few weeks ago. I was excited to go tonight and get out and see some of my friends. We met at a restaurant in Fayetteville and I rode with my neighbor/friend Melissa.

I was SUPER surprised when I got there and found out it was a shower for Hollis! They had the cutest cake made for me in her nursery colors! :-)  I had requested my Sunday School class NOT to have a shower for me because I feel like we have so much and I just didn't need a shower. So I felt bad that these friends did this - but it was SO nice and it was fun to get some cute things for Hollis. 
Melissa and Jennifer
Melissa is due with her second baby in a few months!
Kate, Ashley and Amy
Julee, Jill and Melissa
Laurie, Amanda and Whitney

When the girls put the dinner together - I had thought about inviting Laurie and Amanda and then knew they had both been out of town or were going out of town and probably wouldn't have time so I just didn't. When we pulled up - I was pretty sure Laurie's car was parked next to us and I thought - "maybe someone invited Laurie?" and felt pretty bad it hadn't been me. I was excited they got to come! That was a surprise too!
All the girls. I would have dressed up a little more or fixed my hair a little better if I knew it was my shower. ha! ha! I just thought I was out for a little dinner! I'm so blessed with so many sweet friends and Hollis is lucky to be so loved! And now she has a few cute outfits that weren't worn by her big sister. ha! ha!

(I should add that I met almost all these girls through my blog. And I'm so thankful! I'll say it 1000 times - if you told me 10 years ago some friends I met on the internet threw me a shower - I would think you were CRAZY!) ha! 

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